Predator X-Series MX20-3 Battery to suit Softail models



The Predator X-series is built for performance; with superior starting power, high reserve capacity and long-lasting life to give you more freedom out on the open road or the open sea.

The AGM design allows easy, stress-free installation with no chance for acid spills; making it the smarter choice for powering your prized equipment.


  • AGM technology with high compression separator
  • 100% leak-proof and spill-proof to 360°C
  • Battery grid design structure increases continuous cranking time 10%-20% more than ordinary grids
  • Excellent starting power; starting the engine even at a low state of charge
  • Ideal for Jet-skis and American motorcycles
  • High charging acceptance for absorbing large surges of electrical energy generated via brake energy recuperation

MX20-3 suit Harley Softail models

Replaces: MX20-3, GYZ20L, MBTX20U, ETX20L, GYX20HL, YTX20HL-BS.

Specifications Predator Part Number: MX20-3 Voltage: 12 Volt CCA: 310 Capacity (10Hr): 20 Amp/Hour Dimensions (LWH): 205 x 90 x 162 mm


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